15 Apr 2011

Old PEiD projects

Today I added some more projects from my old site:

  1. PEiDLL (PEiD in a DLL) - This is a DLL that contains a slightly hacked version of PEiD v0.94 which allows you to use PEiD scanning engine from your own projects.
    Included in archive is documentation, SDK, and examples in C++, Delphi and Asm.

  2. PluginToExe - As the name suggests, this program converts PEiD plugins to executable files.  It adds a small loader that does all the things needed to make this work, including opening a file dialog (if no cmdline supplied) and the actual loading of the file.  Note: This actually converts the DLL into an EXE, so no loader exe is needed.
Quite a few more projects to come!  Keep checking back for more updates :)

14 Apr 2011

Converted Immunity Debugger 1.8x plugins

I released a few days ago on my site 13 plugins converted for use with Immunity Debugger 1.8x.
Most are converted from OllyDbg plugins, and some were original Immunity Debugger plugin format.
All plugins were converted with my FixPlugins tool..  Find them (and more!) here

                          1 Apr 2011

                          Immunity Debugger Plugin-related projects released

                          On my new site (http://woodmann.com/BobSoft/) yesterday, I released two new projects.

                          1. Immunity Debugger PDK v1.03 - A multi-debugger aware PDK that will enable the same plugin to be used with old ImmDbg, New ImmDbg (v1.8x+), and OllyDbg (and patched versions).  No patching is needed to make it work on EG ImmDbg v1.73, OllySND or OllyDRX, in fact the plugin can be in a shared plugin folder for all three!
                            Get it Here

                          2. PluginFix v1.01 - Conversion tool for old ImmDbg plugins, and OllyDbg plugins, to make them work with newer v1.8x ImmDbg Plugin changes. This process requires altering of the Imports and Exports of a plugin to allow it to:
                              A) Be loaded by ImmDbg v1.8x, by removing implicit Imports to OllyDbg or old ImmDbg.
                              B) Fix the Exports to be recognised by ImmDbg as a valid plugin.
                            Get it Here

                          More detailed information will be found if you click the links.