15 Apr 2011

Old PEiD projects

Today I added some more projects from my old site:

  1. PEiDLL (PEiD in a DLL) - This is a DLL that contains a slightly hacked version of PEiD v0.94 which allows you to use PEiD scanning engine from your own projects.
    Included in archive is documentation, SDK, and examples in C++, Delphi and Asm.

  2. PluginToExe - As the name suggests, this program converts PEiD plugins to executable files.  It adds a small loader that does all the things needed to make this work, including opening a file dialog (if no cmdline supplied) and the actual loading of the file.  Note: This actually converts the DLL into an EXE, so no loader exe is needed.
Quite a few more projects to come!  Keep checking back for more updates :)


  1. Peid.DLL is very useful, thank You for doing this. However there are some drawbacks which make users life hard ( like showing MessageBoxes which completely block it's execution. ).

    From what i understood you drop support for this project, but maybe you can release it's source so these things can be fixed?

  2. Hi, there are console versions of the example programs in the archive that do not use messagebox, the DLL itself does not show any messagebox.

    This is a really old project, but if I can find the source (on old broken computer) I will release it! :)

  3. Hi!
    Can you please update "Add Signature v2" link on http://bob.droppages.com/Projects/PEiD/PEiD+Plugins ?
    Seems it is broken.

  4. Hi there, thank you for pointing this out, the link works now :)