1 Apr 2011

Immunity Debugger Plugin-related projects released

On my new site (http://woodmann.com/BobSoft/) yesterday, I released two new projects.

  1. Immunity Debugger PDK v1.03 - A multi-debugger aware PDK that will enable the same plugin to be used with old ImmDbg, New ImmDbg (v1.8x+), and OllyDbg (and patched versions).  No patching is needed to make it work on EG ImmDbg v1.73, OllySND or OllyDRX, in fact the plugin can be in a shared plugin folder for all three!
    Get it Here

  2. PluginFix v1.01 - Conversion tool for old ImmDbg plugins, and OllyDbg plugins, to make them work with newer v1.8x ImmDbg Plugin changes. This process requires altering of the Imports and Exports of a plugin to allow it to:
      A) Be loaded by ImmDbg v1.8x, by removing implicit Imports to OllyDbg or old ImmDbg.
      B) Fix the Exports to be recognised by ImmDbg as a valid plugin.
    Get it Here

More detailed information will be found if you click the links.

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